Dani Cruz Website

Branding strategy and development for an emerging artist.

Dani cruz is an emerging Spanish artist that stands out for his lyrics and sound influenced by British Pop / Rock from the 80's.


Branding Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Web Design
Web Development (WordPress & Elementor Pro)

Dani Cruz is an emerging artist who is starting professionally in the music industry. In 2018 he composed his first single and it is in 2019 when he took it to the recording studios.

Before I started working with Dani, he didn’t have a faithful strategy about developing his personal brand and the path he was heading.

Dani and I began to talk about the goal that he wanted to achieve and what he wanted to convey as an artist. At that time we  worked on developing a content strategy dedicated to his target audience through the social media.

We also agreed to developed a website with a clean and light design using WordPress and Elementor Pro, which will give him a greater visibility and reach on the internet, using html code rewriting techniques, content editing, site navigation, link campaigns and more actions.

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