Letting go of an idea as a Product Designer

I have really resonated with the concept of ‘learning to let go’ in the field of design. From my experience, I understand that this process is a vital part of growth and innovation in the design of digital products. Prototypes are more than just simple drafts; they are manifestations of the flexibility and adaptability necessary in any creative process. By letting go of an idea, we not only free ourselves from potential failures but also open up space for new possibilities and approaches.

Attachment to our ideas can be a great obstacle. We tend to fall in love and defend our ideas as if they were an extension of ourselves. But in design, especially in user-centered design, this attachment can cloud our judgment and limit our ability to effectively respond to real needs.

The perspective of seeing prototypes as tools for detachment is fundamental. They allow us to experiment and fail quickly without the pain that comes with discarding an idea we have fully dedicated ourselves to. This ultimately leads to more effective solutions.

A quote from Alberto Savoia perfectly encapsulates this philosophy: it is essential to ensure that you are building ‘the right thing’ before perfecting it. This pragmatic approach not only saves resources but also emphasizes the importance of validating our ideas before fully committing to them.